Document Scanning Services – Since 1998

We literally make paper files and records disappear! We convert paper documents such as medical, HR, shipping, financial, and many more document types to digital format which our clients then use along with software we provide to instantly retrieve and manage any file they wish directly from their PC or workstation!

Typically clients, from large and small businesses, come to us from across Ontario because they lack storage space due to mandated record retention requirements or box1are frustrated with lost, misfiled files or are simply tired of waiting for files to be pulled or re-filed (… hopefully re-filed correctly).

We offer an affordable document scanning, archiving and management service that virtually eliminates the cost and inefficiencies associated with managing paper documents while still having the benefits of data preservation. From your backlog of archived files that must be maintained to satisfy legislative requirements, to lengthy reports, document imaging / records scanning is an excellent solution.

Archived documents and records are digitized (scanned) utilizing high-speed production scanners and placed into a searchable database on DVDs or your company network that allow for fast easy retrieval of any file. Once a file has been retrieved it can be read, printed or faxed as required. Using this storage method, searching through hundreds or thousands, or even millions of pieces of paper to find the right file is eliminated forever! A user friendly database locates any file for you in seconds!, And, you never have to refile! You can even use the files we generate in your existing CMS platform if you prefer.

Once digitized, paper documents can then be shredded, freeing up valuable floor space and eliminating storage concerns. We can also maintain your archiving ongoing requirements by updating your electronic archive as your data flow necessitates, providing you with a consistent and updated search and retrieval system moving forward.

With 20 years of professional scanning services across Ontario, Emmatt has become a respected industry leader. Contact us to learn how we can help your organization save money managing your paper files!

Scanning solution options include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Black and white or colour paper scanning, or a mix of both if you have need for colour-scanned images
  • All paper sizes supported, single-sided, double-sided or mixed
  • OCR text generation, giving you searchable access to a large portion of the printed, readable text on your paper documents
  • Utilize our free document retrieval software or use your existing CMS platform
  • Wide format scanning, perfect for large blueprints or maps
  • Backfile conversion projects
  • Ongoing incremental scanning programs
  • Conversion of microfiche or microfilm to digital formats
  • Conversion of permanently bound municipal documents
  • Custom-tailored filing system, designed to match the way you prefer to organize your information

Call us today to learn about the benefits document scanning can provide to your organization! 705-750-0476